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Emails can return up to 42x ROI. But are you staring at $0 after every email you send? If you’re not saying the right thing, you’re missing out on heaps of potential revenue.

Lucky for you, it’s an easy fix. Because when you work with a copywriter that understands sales and the psychology behind the click to buy, your profits will increase.

Creating copy that helps you reach your goals is my passion. Psst… email is my speciality but I can also help with your other copy needs too – read more about me here.

Bob has a gift with words

"I very much enjoy working with Bob. He listens extremely well and has a gift with words. I will be working with him for a long time."
Karen Chung
Special Learning
Bob’s writing will elevate your products

"Working with Bob is amazing, with his skill I'm able to increase my products to a new level. His kind of communication is so beneficial"
Kathleen Bartho
CEO, 99active
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"Bob's writing is impeccable. I would 100% recommend Bob to anyone looking for an amazing copywriter."
Jared O'Brien
Marketing Specialist

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