4 ways that blogs increase visitor engagement

Man blogging to increase engagement

My online writing career started with blogs. So, you could say I’m pretty passionate about them. And that’d be true. Because blog posts are a great way to engage with your audience. After reading this post you should be able to see how I use my blog to get the results I want.

Let’s talk about your website. It has all the relevant pages to sell your product or service to your customers. These are ‘static pages’. They’re always there and the content on them may rarely change.

Say a visitor pops over to your site, checks out the 3 static pages you have and never buys. Why would they ever come back again?

Unless you have fresh, new content to draw them back, they most likely never will. And that’s why blogs can be an integral part of keeping your visitors engaged.

Here are 4 ways your blog can increase your visitor and customer engagement:

1. Increases the amount of content on your website

As you write more blogs, you are adding more content to your website. With more content a visitor will stay around longer. A visitor that stays longer is more likely to buy.

You see where I‘m going with this one?

If you keep a potential customer on your website longer, they are investing time in you and your products or services. When they come to buying this product or service, they will remember the time investment they made in yours. This is likely to sway them to buy from you as opposed to the website they looked at for around 20 seconds.

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Increase your visitors

2. Increases the number of visitors to your site

With more content you are more likely to grab the attention of google searchers. This is because you have more stuff google can find and show.

With more visitors you are able to showcase your products or services to a wider audience. More visitors increase the likelihood of someone liking and sharing your post. A shared post organically reaches a larger audience.

It’s an all-round win, win! If your content is good, you’ll get more visitors and they engage with your website more.

Blogs improve your SEO

3. Improves your SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a big thing for companies. The higher you rank on google the more likely you are to get visitors. Blogs themselves don’t make you rank higher. But carefully selected keywords can make Google look at you more.

You see, the more content you have, the more you are able to focus certain pages/posts to targeted keywords or phrases. And having more focussed keywords increases your ranking.

Search engines also like links. Blogs are a great way to create internal links. These are links that point at other pages or posts on your website. Internal links improve your SEO as it shows search engines that your website guides visitors through a journey. So it’s more likely to be engaging to a visitor.

With a blog, you can create exciting and engaging content that other websites can link to. A link to your website from another website is an external links. And search engines like these even more. An external link shows search engine’s that other websites think your content’s good. Nothing beats a good bit of social proofing!

4. You can connect with your customers

Your customers must have had a need when they purchased your product or service. You can keep them coming back and buying more by engaging with them.

You can talk to them through blogs and even have discussions. You can provide useful information that educates them. We’re back to the time investment again. The more time they spend engaging with your content, the more likely they are to become a loyal customer. And come on, that’s the ideal situation, right?

But, what can you write?

Well, that’s the beauty of blogs. You can write about anything you like. I’d recommend staying somewhat near to the products/services you offer. But other than that, anything. For example, a cleaning company might want to write a blog about the ‘Top 5 industrial cleaners’.

Another great thing about blogs is that you can always find a way to sell in them. The ‘Top 5 industrial cleaners’ blog post could focus around how they use only the best cleaning products. And this is how they deliver outstanding results. It educates, but it also sells.

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