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With over 11 years of selling experience, I create conversion copy that actually sells. I’ll capture your audience’s imagination through the power of words. And persuasively sell your product or service with compelling messages that get results.

Put simply – Kickass Copy with Jaw-dropping Effects



I needed a pro to help make my emails attractive

“I found Bob and was inspired by his use of language and positive attitude. He took time to understand my brand and voice, and created something that sounds like me but better. I see him as part of my virtual team going forward. Hire Bob. You won’t be disappointed!”

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I’m not just a writer. There’s more to it than putting words on a page. I write copy that sells. Copy that compels. Copy that turns your prospects into your customers.

I specialise in writing engaging email marketing, persuasive landing pages and profit-boosting sales pages. Conversion focussed copy that boosts your bottom line. 

So if you want to increase leads, skyrocket sales or nurture relationships, talk to me. I’ll help you get the results you’ve been craving. Let’s get those cash registers ringing with fun and powerful copy that sells!

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You want 1 good reason you should work with me, huh?

I’ll give you 2… I’m Honest and Ethical. Don’t you hate those sleazy sales messages you see everywhere? That ain’t me!

I use persuasive sales techniques that don’t prey on people’s weaknesses and fears. I’m also completely open with you regarding my work process. See for yourself…

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Bob created the exact welcome sequence we needed

"Bob is extremely helpful and efficient, delivered a lengthy welcome and re-engagement email campaign for me, and it was exactly what I needed. The quality of the copy is great. I would highly recommend - Thanks Bob"
Matt Rushworth
It Started Here
Exceptional quality content

"Bob never fails to deliver exceptional quality content. The amount of research, care and attention he puts into each job is unbelievable. Looking forward to working together in future on lots more great content!"
James Devonport
Bob delivers the sales copy you need and crave

"Bob was quick in his communication and digs in the subject at hand to deliver the sales copy one not only needs, but craves!"
Sara Huang
Bureau Twist

More about Bob

Smiles and fun. That’s Bob’s life philosophy. He set up copybean.co.uk in 2019 to launch his freelance copywriting career. But it wasn’t always fields of daisies…

After school, he washed pots. And by chance 1 year later, he fell into a sales job. Selling home insurance to retired people. The start of Bob’s sales career.

He quickly rose to be one of the top salespeople in the company and won internal awards year after year. 

Next, he moved into checking calls for quality. He also trained salespeople on how to sell compliantly and ethically. Now he’s in his element.

After, feeling stagnant with no way to move up, he dug deep into his soul. He realised he needed to be true to his heart to be happy. And to be his best self…

… Writing. This was his passion since he was a child – he once won a young writers competition with his story “The Big Ugly Monster”. 

By combining his natural writing skills with his sales experience, the world’s next ethical conversion copywriter was born.

This bio wouldn’t be complete without talking about Bob’s empathy, altruism and positivity. He is a strong believer in helping others and giving back. That’s why a portion of his monthly profits go to planting trees. Check his progress at the bottom right of this page.

When he’s not writing, Bob is out in nature. You’ll find him walking dogs, hiking, surfing, kayaking or enjoying delicious vegan cuisine.

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