Bob Taylor.

n. Conversion Copywriter & Heart-Centered Salesman
that swapped his headset for a pen to sell with written words instead of spoken voice

I'm a (Copy)Writer

I’m not just a writer. There’s more to it than putting words on a page. I write copy that sells. Copy that compels. Copy that turns your prospects into your customers.

I specialise in writing engaging email marketing, persuasive landing pages and profit-boosting sales pages. Conversion focussed copy that boosts your bottom line. And I can coach you to write your own copy too!

So if you want to increase leads, skyrocket sales or nurture relationships, I’m your man. I’ll help you get the results you’ve been craving. Let’s get those cash registers ringing with fun and powerful copy that sells!

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My Mission

I help health, wellness and coaching businesses boost sales through copy that connects and persuades ethically.

Why choose me?

With over 10 years of experience in sales, I create conversion copy that actually sells.

I’ll capture your audience’s imagination through the power of words. And persuasively sell your product or service with compelling messages that get results.

Put simply – Kickass Copy with Jaw-dropping Effects!

What is Conversion Copywriting?

What the cheeses is conversion copywriting?

Conversion copywriting is like pairing an amazing cheese with the perfect wine. Only the cheese is powerful sales psychology and the wine is a fruity blend of persuasive words that get results. Capiche?

(Sorry if I made your mouth water with that description)

Life is so much easier when we're both on the same page, right?

To make that dream a reality (who doesn’t want an easy relationship with their copywriter?), I created a foolproof work process built on honesty and clarity. And I’m completely transparent with each step, so you know exactly what’s going on. Keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Check it out…

What’s with the name ‘CopyBean’, Bob?
Bob Taylor - freelance copywriter based in Bournemouth

My name’s Bob Taylor – let’s be honest, that URL was probably swiped up in the ’90s! So I chose to get creative:

  • CopyBean is a play on the words ‘Coffee Bean’
  • Coffee fuels workplaces (including you, probably) every day. And great copy fuels your conversions
  • Coffee was discovered by a goat herder – I love goats
  • Coffee beans are seeds and my copy(beans) are your seed to fruitful content that produces delicious profits

Had enough of the metaphors? Sure, let’s move on…

Bob Taylor - freelance copywriter based in Bournemouth
CopyBean Gives Back

I care deeply about giving back, especially when it comes to the environment. My mission (as you read above) is to help you grow your business. But I also want to give back.

So I donate enough to hire poverty-stricken people to plant 25 trees with every copywriting project I complete!

Cheesy metaphors aren’t the only thing I’m good at. Check out what these folks said about me...

Bob created the exact welcome sequence we needed 

Bob is extremely helpful and efficient, delivered a lengthy welcome and re-engagement email campaign for me, and it was exactly what I needed. The quality of the copy is great. I would highly recommend - Thanks Bob

Matt Rushworth

It Started Here

Exceptional quality content

Bob never fails to deliver exceptional quality content. The amount of research, care and attention he puts into each job is unbelievable. Looking forward to working together in future on lots more great content!

James Devonport


Bob delivers the sales copy you need and crave

Bob was quick in his communication and digs in the subject at hand to deliver the sales copy one not only needs, but craves!

Sara Huang

Bureau Twist