About Bob Taylor - Conversion Copywriter

I'm a (Copy)Writer

I’m not just a writer. I do more than just put words on a page. I write copy that sells. Copy that compels. Copy that turns your prospects into your customers.

I specialise in writing persuasive landing pages, profit-boosting sales pages and engaging email marketing. Conversion focussed copy that boosts your bottom line.

So if you want to increase leads, skyrocket sales or nurture relationships, I’m your man. I’ll help you get the results you’ve been craving. Let’s get those cash registers ringing with fun and powerful copy that sells!

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My Mission

I help small business owners sell their products or services through copy that connects and sells.

Help is the key word in my mission. I live to help people. And it’s also why I created CopyBean Gives Back. To make a difference with the work I do!

Why choose me?

I’ll capture your audience’s imagination through the power of words. And persuasively sell your product or service with compelling messages that get results.

Put simply – Kickass Copy with Jaw-dropping Effects!

Conversion Copywriting is A sensational mix of sales psychology, customer research and powerful words. Which when combined creates a winning formula for ultimate success!

My unique approach...

I provide a full work process built around honesty and clarity. And I’m completely transparent with each step, so you know exactly what’s going on. Keeping you in the loop every step of the way. My process means our project will run like clockwork. Check it out…

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1. Meet & Brief

Meet & Brief

Tell me all about your project & I'll let you know how I can help.

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2. Plan & Quote

Plan & Quote

We'll create an awesome plan and I'll give you a quote for the job.

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3. Research & Create

Research & Create

Amazing! You invested in some great copy. Now I'll work my magic!

4. Feedback & Edit

Feedback & Edit

I'll deliver the first draft and we'll discuss it over a video call.

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5. Launch & Optimise

Launch & Optimise

Your kickass copy is done! I'll stay with you to make sure it performs!

Why 'CopyBean'?

My name’s Bob Taylor – let’s be honest, that URL was probably swiped up in the ’90s! So I chose to get creative:

  • CopyBean is a play on the words ‘Coffee Bean’
  • Coffee fuels workplaces (including you, probably) every day. And great copy fuels your conversions
  • Coffee was discovered by a goat herder – I love goats
  • Coffee beans are seeds and my copy(beans) are your seed to fruitful content that produces delicious profits
Bob Taylor - freelance copywriter based in Bournemouth

CopyBean Gives Back...

I care deeply about giving back to those less fortunate. Part of my mission as a business owner is to make a difference through the work I do. 

So I donate enough to plant 25 trees with every project I complete!

So, how did I end up as a copywriter?

My writing journey began on what you might see as a traditional route. I wrote my first story when I was about 8 years old. I wrote it for a young writer’s competition at my school. Title – “The Big Ugly Monster”. Storyline – love and comedy. It won the competition and I was smitten! I was always a creative kid and I knew I loved to write. That’s when I decided I’d be a children’s author.

I wanted to have a farm with loads of animals and a cosy writing shed tucked away in a quiet corner. Imagine it, a modest wooden structure, an escape from everything, my writing space.

In 2010 I hit adulthood and fell into a sales role at an insurance company. 4 years later I moved into quality assurance (listening to insurance calls and creating reports on quality, meh). After nearly 10 years working in the insurance industry (and feeling pretty fed up) I remembered my dream. I studied up and became a copywriter. As a copywriter I’m able to create stories to sell your products or services – mixing my sales skills with writing. And hey, it’s no farm but you have to admit my virtual-office here is pretty cool, right?

When I'm not writing...

You might find me hanging out with my two bunnies in my home office. I swear they’re the most relaxed creatures on earth. I’ll often meditate with them – it’s like a bunny temple of calm and relaxation.

But, if you can’t find me there, I’m probably with my wife exploring the great outdoors. We love nature so we’re super lucky to live on the south coast of England. Five minutes from the beach and only a short drive to The New Forest – a massive national park.  

I also love to stay active – surfing, kayaking, cycling, hiking. If it’s outdoors I’m into it! You may be surprised to hear that I’ve completed Tough Mudder a number of times (a 10km obstacle course and mud run). I’m always trying to drag friends along with me to do it again, but I’m running out of people I can persuade. Fancy coming along with me?

Check out what my clients say about me...


Bob is extremely helpful and efficient, delivered a lengthy welcome and re-engagement email campaign for me, and it was exactly what I needed. The quality of the copy is great. I would highly recommend - Thanks Bob


Truly amazing individual and end result exceeded expectation! I will definitely only be using Bob for future projects as my business grows! Thank you


I love working with Bob! Not only does his work product always exceeds my expectation, he's such a pleasant person to work with.