CopyBean Gives Back is finally Launched!


When I sit down at my computer every morning, I set out to improve the lives of my clients. My writing means something to them and it can deeply impact their customers and audience. Whether I’m helping to boost their conversions, writing engaging emails for their subscribers or telling their story, I’m making a difference. But what if my work could do more than just increase profits and conversions?

What if my work could improve the planet and the lives of those living in poverty?

Since I started freelancing as a copywriter, I’ve wanted to give back. I wanted to help a charity doing amazing work. I wanted my work to mean more. And now I’ve finally found a charity I can support to make a real difference with the work I do.

I’m supporting Eden Reforestation Projects by donating enough to plant 25 trees with every project I complete. 

It’s a match made in heaven. It mixes my drive to give back with my passion for our planet. We’ve damaged the environment over the years, and we have to do something about it. Deforestation devastates the environment, wildlife and it pushes entire villages into extreme poverty.

That’s why planting trees is so important. I’m so happy to be supporting the incredible guys at Eden Reforestation Projects to Plant Trees & Save Lives!

Learn more about Eden Reforestation Projects and donate your own trees here…

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