Brewin' up
Copy that Sells

Want a cup load of conversational copy that spurs your customers into action?

Are you craving the most deliciously mouth-watering conversion copy to boost your sales?

Then you’ve come to the right Copy Shop!

Here, your copy is brewed up by a professional copy barista (that’s me). I’ll craft powerful copy with bold flavours tailored to your ideal customer. Copy that intrigues your prospects, makes them loyal customers and skyrockets your sales!

Grab a cup of my signature blend today and taste the difference it makes to your bottom line!

My CopyHouse Specials...


Sales Pages & Landing Pages
CopyBean Espresso Cup


Sales Pages & Landing Pages
So, you’ve got a new product/service and you’re ready to unleash it on the world, huh? Get a mighty sales page with selling power that packs a punch (just like a strong shot of espresso). Or an engaging landing page to increase leads and ultimately, your sales.
You love what you sell, now let’s get your customers burning with desire for it too!


Email Sequences
CopyBean Cappuccino Cup


Email Sequences
Want an effective sales sequence to launch your new product or service? Or a great welcome sequence for new subscribers? 
You need emails that boost your relationship with your audience and turns prospects into customers. I’ll whip up engaging emails with mouth-foaming subject lines and clear call-to-actions. Let’s increase your sales with better open and click-through rates!


Web Copy
CopyBean Latte Glass


Web Copy
Your website is a virtual shop-front for your customers. Want web copy that pulls them through your virtual doors and turns them into hot leads? Are you thirsting for web copy that leaves your prospects craving more?
Then you need a tall glass of conversion copy crafted using your brand voice. Web copy that speaks directly to your ideal customer based on science and research.

Custom Copy

Bob's Signature Blend
CopyBean Signature Blend Coffee Bag

Custom Copy

Bob's Signature Blend
Looking for copy customised to your specific needs? Why not try my signature blend? Honestly, you can add as many syrups, sauces and sprinkles as you like.
Just let me know what you need and I’ll use my copy crafting skills to brew up something you and your customers’ll love!

All Copy options are served with a heavenly side of customer research and copy focussed around design and UX. That means whatever you order, you’ll get copy brimming with personality and selling power that speaks directly to your customer.

What it's like to work with me...

Getting started with me is a piece of cake (to go nicely with your coffee)! Here’s my unique process to make our project run as smooth as butter on warm toast…

My Process No.1

Meet & Brief

Tell me all about your project & I’ll let you know how I can help. Click here to get started…

My Process No.2

Plan & Quote

We’ll create an awesome plan on a private zoom call. And I’ll give you a quote for the job.

My Process No.3

Research & Create

Amazing! You invested in some great copy. Now I’ll work my magic creating it for you!

My Process No.4

Feedback & Edit

Your copy’s ready! We’ll chat about it over a call (and a cuppa). Then I’ll make changes.

My Process No.5

Launch & Optimise

Your kickass copy is done! I’ll stay with you to make sure it performs!

Want a more detailed breakdown of my process. Get it here…

Here's what my clients say about working with me...


Bob has become my go-to-guy for all my sales writing/marketing projects. He delivers on time as promised and keeps me up-to-date on his progress. I highly recommend him and I will definitely be using his services again. He has completed two projects for me so far, and I have to say his work is exemplary!!


Bob is truly the best at what he does. He gives you quality, communicates effectively, and really cares about his customers. I am going to be using Bob again for all of my future email sequences because he is that good. Incredible experience.


Bob was fantastic to work with. He takes the time to understand the product and the customers perspective to write exactly what they want to hear. 5 Stars!

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