Coronavirus Chaos for Businesses – Are you still communicating effectively?

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The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has undoubtedly changed the way businesses are operating around the world. With more and more people opting to stay at home or work from home, the workforces around the globe are relying on digital forms of communication. Face-to-face is slowly phasing out (hopefully temporarily).

This can make sales more difficult. Especially if your business thrives on face-to-face meetings and sales. Offline businesses are understandably worrying about what’s going to happen next and how their profits could be affected.

In this article we’ll look at some of the ways the outbreak of coronavirus affects how you should be communicating with your customers and prospects.

How can you communicate with customers online?

First we’ll take a look at 5 different ways you can reach out to customers and prospects in the online world. It’s important that you’re engaging in as many forms as possible to keep business rolling during these uncertain times.

1) Social Media

Social Media is an obvious one. But, if you haven’t updated your profiles in a while, now is definitely the time to do it. With more and more people spending extra time online, social media consumption is set to increase too. As more people self-isolate they have additional time to check through their feeds etc.

You need to make sure you have updated your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter as a minimum. If you don’t have profiles on these platforms consider which of them best suits your business and get one set up.

Social media platforms are a great space for you to market your services. This is called social media marketing. Using social media marketing you’re able to build up an audience of fans and communicate with them quickly and easily.

Haven’t got the foggiest idea what to write about on social media? 

That’s fine. Take a breath, calm down and get inspired with this list:

  • Best products you have on sale and how to buy them
  • A poll/survey for your followers
  • Create video posts of your latest offers
  • Great photos of products, employees or your business in general
  • Famous or motivational quotes

There are so many ways you can approach social media but if you’re short of time or need help you might consider recruiting the assistance of a social media content strategist. There are plenty out there that are able to help you. 

When looking for a social media content strategist look for someone who is interested in learning about you and your business. What your company puts out online reflects your entire brand. You don’t want anyone that doesn’t take the time to learn your brand and get to know you, posting potentially irrelevant posts that could damage your reputation.

As a content writer and blogger, I offer social media content strategy for businesses that need help. Wanna arrange a meeting to discuss your needs?

2) Your Website

We said at the beginning that due to the outbreak of coronavirus, more people are online. With higher amounts of online traffic, your website is likely to see an increase of visitors. Have you updated it recently? Or does it still have the same information it had 3 years ago?

Now is the time to update it with helpful and relevant information. Some areas to focus on are:

  • Home page – This is usually the first page a prospect sees when visiting your website. On average they’ll spend 11 seconds on it before deciding to continue reading, click somewhere else or close the tab. Does your message grab the reader’s attention and talk directly to their needs and pain points? Does your message still reflect the direction of your business? Is it modern and does the page look good?
  • About Me/Us page – The about me page is statistically the most visited page on a website after the home page. What does yours say about you and your business? Does it need updating? If it does, get to it, now!
  • Contact page – Is your contact form easy to fill out? Check the form is working correctly. The worst thing that can happen is a potential customer drops out because the form doesn’t work.

With everything that’s going on you might have time to make these changes yourself. If not, give me a shout and I’ll whip up some wicked web copy for you!

3) Emails

Do you have an email list? If you do, are you writing to them regularly? If not, you and your business are not going to be on your customers radar. If they’re not thinking about you, they’re not buying from you. People are consuming emails like crazy right now with most adults receiving over 100 emails per day. They’re also checking their emails multiple times in a day.


Email marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. If you’ve got something to sell, email marketing sells it better than anything else – often performing 4 or 5 times better than any other form of marketing.


I’ve got more on email marketing coming soon. I’m currently putting together an email marketing guide for small businesses that I’ll post to this blog. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to see it when it’s released.


4) Blogs

It’s surprising how many companies have a blog, but when you click through to it, the last post was years ago! Blogs are an amazing way to show yourself and your business as the experts and increases your credibility in a big way.

Blogs are all about being helpful and when you give your prospects and clients helpful information on a regular basis, they remember you. They turn to you for expert advice and help. Put bluntly, blogs increase your status and help you sell more!

If you don’t have a blog on your website or you haven’t posted in a while get a good content writer to create some engaging content asap!

5) Letters

Through all the chaos, the postal service is still operating as normal (for now). Have you considered sending letters out to your clients and prospective clients?


A well written sales letter is usually enough to persuade a prospective customer to buy. If you can muster up an enticing offer and give them no option but to buy your solution to their problem, you’re on for success. 


Sales letters are similar to emails but have a higher cost. You’d also require a list of customers or prospects that includes their postal addresses.


After studying persuasive writing techniques and the psychology of sales, direct mail sales letters excite me. I’ve become obsessed with every piece of direct mail I get through the post. I don’t see it as junk anymore. I see it as study material. 


When it comes through the letterbox I’m like a dog running to catch the postman. Impatient to rip open the envelope and dissect the contents. I take it out and ponder how I could improve it or sometimes marvel at the excellent techniques and creativity used to create a masterpiece. Assessing all these letters helps me learn more about what works and what doesn’t.


Why is it more important now to communicate online?

This has already been touched on in the sections above. As more and more people are spending time at home, they are also consuming online content more. 


This does, of course, mean that they are probably spending more time on netflix, online games and other forms of entertainment. Although these platforms (for the most part) aren’t relevant to your marketing efforts, it does mean that now, more than ever, the content you put online is important.


It’s important because the steps you take online could keep your business ticking smoothly in these uncertain times. It could be the difference between a dip in sales and hitting this quarter’s target. Don’t let coronavirus be the reason your sales dip.


Not sure where to start?

Pick any one of the 5 techniques. Choose the one that you think will be easiest to implement into your business, use it regularly and reap the rewards. To take it to the next level you can contact me and together we’ll create a customised content marketing plan for your business.



If you don’t take advantage of the communication options you have online, you’ll be missing out on sales, profits and money in your pocket. By adopting some or all of the online communication techniques discussed in this article you’ll be communicating, building trust and boosting your sales with customers and prospects.


For further information regarding anything mentioned in this article please contact me or leave a comment in the section below.


About the author:
Hi, I’m Bob Taylor. I help businesses increase customer engagement and boost their bottom line by writing captivating online content including blogs, emails and sales letters. As a content writer I am able to create engaging content and use the power of words to persuade and sell. I have two bunnies and love any outdoor sports!

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