How Elementor changed my life

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When I decided to become a conversion copywriter & digital content marketer, I knew I needed a great website. I had a little experience building websites from school. But I’d never properly built one.

“It was pretty easy in school. It can’t be that difficult, can it?”

That’s what I thought. Now, I knew it was going to be a big task to do on my own. But I had no idea how bad it’d get.

It was a nightmare!

Choosing how to build your website

I didn’t want to use one of those free website builders that make it look so easy. That’s because they actually end up owning all your content. They dictate what is and isn’t acceptable to put on your website. For example, some of them will disable your account if you use affiliate marketing.

I wanted to own everything I put on my website. So, I chose to build my website with This is free software but you’ll need to buy a domain and hosting to put your website online.

It was all fun and games up this point. Here’s where it got messy!

Warning: Don't pick a WordPress theme just because it looks pretty!

The first 4 weeks of my website building was a complete waste of time. Why? Because of my inexperience. And I made nothing!

I had a vision of how I wanted my website to look. I searched for a WordPress theme that had a similar look to what I wanted. I ignored everything else! Big mistake.

Get a theme that is easy to use and allows full customisation. And check the reviews!

I kept changing themes because one did this and another did that etc. In the end I decided to go with Neve. It had plenty of customisable options and offered everything I needed in their free version.

Then Elementor came along

Elementor is like the cool kid everyone at school wants to be. I couldn’t believe it when it offered to be my friend.

Okay, let me start by introducing you. Elementor is the number 1 free WordPress page builder. It’s a plugin that you download. It provides a ‘what you see is what you get experience’. It changed my life!

After I started using Elementor I learned that I could do anything I wanted. I could get everything the way I wanted it.

And as an added bonus, it’s free. Unless you want the pro features. And even then, the price is reasonable. Check them out here

Elementor's main featured

  • Drag and drop editor – makes it so easy to use as there’s no coding required.
  • Editing options – After you drag and drop the element you want, Elementor allows you to customise it to your needs.
  • Loads of templates – even those without the design eye can create something beautiful.
  • Create your own templates – After you create a page element or an entire page, you can save it as a template to use it on other pages. This means you can get a consistent look across your website.
  • Fixing mistakes is easy – Elementor saves each change, so you can undo any mistakes you make.
  • Create landing pages – Using the Elementor Canvas you can make pages without your header and footer.
  • Mobile editing – Make your website look amazing for mobiles and tablets. This feature was the game-changer for me!

The list of features goes on and on. You can see them all here.

How my life was changed

After downloading Elementor I spent less time creating my entire website than I did messing around at the beginning without it. Elementor has become a true friend and loyal companion.

“Get a room” I hear you shouting. I know, maybe that was a bit much. But what I’m saying is Elementor is great for creating a website if you have no technical skills to do it!  

What are you waiting for? Get Elementor Now!

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