Earn £50 for every referral

Do you know someone that needs copywriting services? Refer me and you could earn cash per referral!

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What’s this about getting paid to refer me?

You may already know my business operates mainly on referrals. 

So now I’ve decided to reward my most loyal clients and followers with the chance to earn cash with every successful referral.

It really is that simple. But to make sure we’re all on the same page, here are the rules.

The Rules

  1. I must be able to trace the referral back to you. This means the best way to refer is by letting me know the names and email addresses of the people you’re referring.
  2. If you’re based in the UK I’ll pay a £50 referral reward. If you’re based outside of the UK and do not have a UK bank account I’ll pay a $50 referral reward by either PayPal or Veem.
  3. I will pay your referral reward direct to you once the referee pays their invoice in full and all work has been completed. You can also choose to take the value of the reward off your next order value instead.
  4. No purchase is necessary. This means you don’t need to have paid for my services in the past to be eligible for the referral reward if a person you refer purchases my services.
  5. There’s no limit to the number of people you can refer. So refer away!

How to refer people to me

If you know someone that’s looking for a copywriter or needs help with business writing tasks, there are two ways you can refer them to me.

Give them my details

Copy and paste my email address and phone number and send it to the person you’re referring. Just make sure they mention you when they contact me.

01202 287 245

Send me their details

Use the form below to send me the name, email and/or telephone number of the people you’d like to refer. Please make sure you’ve told them about me before so that they know to expect a message from me.

Your Info

Referral Info