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Seductive sales copy that persuades your prospects to click 'buy now'...

Copy that sells is the aim of every business, right? So why do so many businesses have boring, standard, crappy sales pages?

Answer – because selling with words is about more than just the words you choose to use. It’s understanding the psychology of sales. What makes a prospect click the button? What agitates them? What spurs them to action?

Great copywriters create copy that sells with your brand voice and personality. You’re looking at one right now. So tell me, what sales copy are you after?

Sales Pages

Often referred to as the sales letter. Why would you need one?

  • You're launching a new product/service
  • You have a special offer you want to put out there
  • You want to increase sales of a specific product/service

If your goals align with one or more of these, then a sales page is exactly what you need to skyrocket your sales and boost conversions.

Long or short?

That all depends on your offer. Get in touch today and we’ll talk over the best options to help you achieve your goals faster. Click here to chat

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Landing Page on iPhone Screen

Landing Pages

Squeeze page. Lead capture page. Call it what you like. The goal of every landing page is to swap out a prospects contact details for a freebie (lead magnet).

The problem? There are so many freebies and guides available online now, more consumers are wary about giving out their email addresses.

So your landing page copy has to persuade them that the exchange is worth it for them. It not only means you have to have a strong lead magnet, but that you follow through with your promise.

It’s also important you get quality leads from your landing page conversions. So ensuring your copy talks directly to your ideal customer instead of a general audience is paramount to the success of your campaign.

Want my help to capture high-quality leads through a landing page that converts the way you want it to? Reach out to me to get started

Sales Funnel Copy

With so my DIY Funnel builders (like ClickFunnels) now offering “ready-to-go” copy templates, it’s no wonder so many businesses choose to create their own funnel copy.

But 2 weeks later you’ve got your head between your knees in frustration about your conversion rates.

Why? Because if writing great copy was as easy as pasting a template on a page, I’d be out of a job. 

Sure the templates are okay. But they don’t do a good job of captivating your audience, drawing them in and luring them towards your ‘buy now’ button.

Conversion copywriters, like me, can tailor the content around your specific product/service whilst focusing the copy for your ideal client.

Not every product/service sells itself. So let me help you create powerful sales copy for your sales funnel… 

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Meet My Sales Copy Clients...

Simply the best landing page copy writer period! 

Amazing! Bob goes out of his way to make sure the copy has the right voice for its intended audience. This is highly imperative as its the audience who you want to capture and convert. Simply the best landing page copy writer period.

Creative Harmony

High quality results every time

Working with Bob is a pleasure. He worked out an amazing landing page for my project. All my process oriented thoughts were turned in the sales oriented perspective. With the work of Bob, I got the chance to see the benefits of my project more customer focused. He has excellent communications skills, commits to his timeline and delivers high quality results.

Kathleen Bartho


Bob is the best writer I've worked with so far

The assignment we gave him was to redo the content on our landing page because our copy was plain boring. Bob made it engaging and professional. The work delivered was above my expectations. We will definitely work with him again!

Malik Shamsuddin

Sourceit Marketing

How to Get Started...

The quicker you get your sales copy up, the quicker you can start selling. So get off that virtual fence and jump into my patch where the grass is greener and conversions are higher…

Step 1
Tell me all about it

Let me know what sales copy you're looking for in by clicking the button below and filling in a short enquiry form. It's easy, I promise!

Step 2
Let's meet up

I'll book an online call or telephone call. And I'll help you select the best copy options for your business and your goals.

Step 3
Get started...

It's time to create sales copy that'll attract the right audience and convert more quality leads into paying customers!

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